We believe that most women benefit, at one time or another in their lives, from having someone to talk to who is educated and experienced in counseling, who listens without judging, protects privacy, and who understands women's issues. And because of that, we also believe that every woman should have the opportunity to access that service, regardless of whether or not they have insurance, and based on their personal ability to pay.

About our Strengths-Based Approach to Counseling
Our counseling philosophy is a strengths-based approach which is a collaborative helping relationship that is formed between our team members and the women we serve. This relationship may involve direct work with individuals, families, groups, and communities as well as advocacy with the purpose of empowerment and the promotion of social and economic justice. Our strengths-based approach focuses on women's inherent strengths, resources, and coping skills. In our program, the women we serve are viewed as capable of change, and are partners and active participants in the change process. Our team members are not problem solvers; the women we serve are the problem-solvers. Our team members help women to recognize, marshal, and enhance their inherent strengths and abilities, empowering them and establishing a collaborative working relationship. Our strengths-based philosophy seeks to discover the resources and abilities that the women we serve currently have, and work with them to change their futures. The past cannot be dismissed, as it provides a context for the present, but our focus is on the present and how we can help to positively affect the future.

Our Counseling team is lead by Cheryl Rowland, a Licensed Clinical Social worker with extensive experience counseling women and includes several Masters level Social Work Interns. If you would like to learn more about the Counseling Program, inquire about our sliding scale fee rates or schedule an appointment today, please call us at 850-222--2747.