Consciousness Raising Groups

About Consciousness Raising Groups
In the 70s consciousness raising groups played an important role in bringing women together, outside of the isolation of their home lives, to share their experiences of being women. Consciousness raising groups cropped up all across the country, including right here in Tallahassee. In these groups, women began to understand that issues which were typically considered "personal problems" -- such as seeing women underrepresented in elected office, being exhausted from being the primary parent, feeling trapped in violent relationships, being told they weren't eligible for certain jobs or being treated in demeaning ways on the job or on the street -- were really "political problems". These pioneering women understood that the best strategy for dealing with these problems was having a safe and nurturing environment to talk to other women and to deal with them collectively.

Our Consciousness Raising Groups
At Oasis, we believe that even though the world has changed, there is a still significant benefit in providing a safe place for women to connect and share experiences. Therefore, in 2010 we brought the 1970s into the present and started consciousness-raising groups at Oasis! Groups meet one evening or afternoon a week for 10 weeks. That first night is devoted to understanding the history of the groups, getting to know each other and making some decisions about how the group will function.

If you are interested in joining or starting a group, please call us at (850) 222-2747 or email Haley.