Single Mothers' Support Group

The Oasis Center champions and admires single moms and recognizes the resiliency and challenges that come with being a mom. Our Single Mothers’ Support Groups provide a safe, therapeutic, and casual environment to share and learn from mothers in similar circumstances. With the guidance of a counselor, women explore difficult times or situations while also sharing joyful experiences with the support and empathy of other women. The Oasis Center provides a way for women to connect with other women who understand and to provide information and access to community resources.

Oasis has taken immediate action to ensure we do our part to minimize the threat of exposure of COVID-19 and groups are offered virtually. If you are unable to participate due to not having access to a laptop please talk to us – we have some we can lend to women in the groups who would otherwise be unable to participate. 

 Group times are flexible and convenient to fit the needs of all moms. Groups are held Tuesday  at 6:00 pm. 


If interested, please click here and sign up for the notice that registration is open. If any questions please get in contact with our Women’s Empowerment Coordinator, Jae Littles, MSW by email at or cell at 850-325-0126. 


After we notify you that registration is open, here are the next steps.

1. Fill out the initial application.

2. Open the confirmation email that will be immediately sent to you.

3. Click the link in the email to schedule your 15-minute intake appointment phone call with Jae or the intake coordinator.

4. Talk with the Jae or intake coordinator to see if the group is a good fit for you

5. Once you get a confirmation about group placement from Jae, please fill out registration paperwork, 


If you have questions about joining one of our groups, please email Jae at or call  850-325-0126.