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What’s new at The Oasis Center for Women and Girls!

Strong Communities Raise Strong Girls

The Strong Girls Campaign is a week-long fundraising campaign to raise money for scholarships that benefit girls attending our “Girls Can Do Anything Summer Camp”. The funds raised directly impact the girls of Tallahassee by providing scholarships for them to attend the “Girls Can Do Anything” Summer Camp. We believe there are enough people who believe in girls that we can meet our goal of $16,500. This is the cost of 73 scholarships for girls to attend The Oasis Center’s Girls Can Do Anything Summer Camp. The “Girls Can Do Anything” Summer Camp is intentionally designed to expose girls to new possibilities, help them recognize they can be anything they want to be, and give them a chance to have fun and work collaboratively with groups of diverse girls.

Did you know a donation of $225 will allow one girl to attend a week of camp? Please check out the Facebook fundraising page, this PayPal link, or venmo @Oasis317, to help make a difference.

Girls Can Do Anything Summer Camp

Are you interested in our GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING Summer Camp? Check out our GCDA PAGE for more information!

Employment Opportunities

We are so excited to expand our team. Please CLICK HERE for more information!

Oasis is a place where women and girls are valued, supported, and celebrated. We see barriers to women’s well-being and we work to diminish them.

  • Our individual counseling, specializing in women’s issues, offers mental health support on a sliding fee scale.
  • Girls Can Do Anything! summer camp engages girls in big visions of who they are and want to be while meeting women doing awesome things throughout the community. Discounts are available for families in need.
  • We take our girls’ empowerment programming out into the community, where girls are, providing small-group support in the K-12 setting.
  • Our single moms’ support group meets once a week in 8-week cohorts. There is a small fee to establish commitment. Dinner and childcare are included for the 90-minute sessions.
  • We award women’s local contributions, honoring Trailblazers annually and telling these important stories in elementary schools.
  • Barriers to women’s equity, safety, health, agency, and economic mobility, are also resolved by representation. So we train women to run for office through a nonpartisan, issue-neutral curriculum and event series called Women Can Run.

“I saw my daughter become a strong, confident young woman. Keep up the good work!”

GCDA Camp Mom

“This is the best camp she’s ever been to. It’s the first time my 13 year old has wanted to get out of bed every morning.”

GCDA Camp Mom

Learn More About Our Programs

 Women’s Empowerment

Our programs are designed to support and empower women to lead the lives they choose. Whether addressing mental health, emotional stability, and practical needs through Individual Counseling and Single Moms Support Group, or celebrating accomplishments and encouraging leadership endeavors through The Trailblazer Project & Awards and Women Can Run, we work daily to enact our vision of women thriving at every stage of life. We are also proud to staff the Tallahassee/Leon County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to promote systemic change for women and girls in Tallahassee. 

 Girls Empowerment

Our Girls Empowerment programs focus on encouraging a sense of worth and confidence in girls by offering a supportive space and strategies for finding and using her voice effectively, building strong friendships and healthy coping mechanisms for stress, leading with kindness and collaborating with empathy. Girls Can Do Anything! Camp and Girls Circle are examples of these efforts. 

Learn More About Our People

Caring and committed, from board members to staff members, Oasis accepts its community mandate to support and celebrate women and girls. Our founding members believed in Tallahassee’s need for Oasis enough to support the agency’s launch. The Oasis Alliance sustains our mission with recurring gifts. Together, we make change by improving the lives of women and girls every day.

Make A Donation

You can contribute to any of The Oasis Center’s programs below, using secure Paypal Donations.

Girls Can Do Anything & You Can Help!

There are many ways to support a great summer for every Oasis girl. Businesses can sponsor a camp week. Civic groups can host a snack and supplies drive. Residents can support by shopping at local business partners that are making it easy to make a difference with change!