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The Alliance is a group of people who believe in the mission and vision of Oasis. They give financially to the organization on an annually recurring basis, sustaining our work. Through your donation, you create positive impact on the lives of women and girls.

Our Impact

in discounts each year help families afford empowerment camp for their girls

campers served each summer

families served by Oasis empowerment & mental wellness programs each year

 Thank you to our Oasis Alliance members

Dianne Anderson  Kathleen Brennan  Marisa Button  Jennifer Craig

Joel Dawson  Judi Davison  Susan Fleming   Sara Golding

Michelle Gomez  Sherry Gomez   Ana Hasbrouck  Andrea Jones-Harkness

Lena Juarez  Jeanne Kimball   Kacy King  Pam MacDill  Martha Olive-Hall

Kori Pruett   Rose Rezaei   Susan Rudd   Erin Sjostrom

Join the Alliance

Make a recurring gift to help us retain the resources to fulfill our commitment to the women and girls of our community. Contact us to learn more about the partner benefits that are available exclusively for our Alliance partners.