Founding Members

Thank you to these incredible leaders for believing in Oasis since the beginning

Our Founding Members are from all walks of life but have one thing in common-a shared belief that our community is stronger when women and girls thrive. Their initial support allowed The Oasis Center to become a resource for the community t come together and be a force for change. 

Lifetime Founding  Members

Ann Brennan

Kathleen Brennan

Kathy Bye

Kay Casey

Tiffany Carr
Gail Dixon
Kelly Dozier
Claude Hendon
Rosalie Hendon
Catherine Jones
Lena Juarez
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Marilyn Lawhon
Pam MacDill
Kelly Otte
Martha Paradeis

Audrey Post

Platinum Founding Members


Brightside Communication

Kathy Bell
Fran Berry
David Brennan
Mary Coburn
Kristine Knab in honor of Erin & Nathan Kenney
June McKinney
Barby Moro
Laura Osteen

Phil & Arlene Otte in honor of Linda Otte

Founding Members

Linda Alexionok
Sarah “Tippy” Amick
Dianne Anderson
JoAnn Armstrong
Nina Ashenafi-Richardson
Loranne Ausley
Shawn Baldwin
Barrios-Kublin Family
Judy Bentley
Barbara Boone
Nolia Brandt
Pat Burns

Catherine Shoultz

Traci Small & Daughters

Samuel  “Buddy” Streit

Tallahassee Roller Girls

Shairi Turner

Fran Webb

Jeri Bush
Tony Carvajal
Tere Craig-Garren
Haley Cutler
Joel Dawson
Cindy Dick
Sue Dick
Danielle Dozier
Kristin Dozier
Vanessa Dozier Rowse
Margaret Lynn Duggar
Anita Favors Thompson

Davida Silverman

Sarah Sturges

Tony & Mary Perry Sturges

Rosalind Tompkins

Steven Uhlfelder

Shirley Webb

Kimberly Countryman-Galban
Danielle Galvin
R. Jai Gillum
Emma Good
Genice Harris
Shani Hervey

Pat Holliday

C. Sha’Ron James

Sonia Jewell

Andrea Jones

Jeanne Kimball

Summer Knight &

Sharon Simmons

Shannon Sustacha

Rachel Sutz Pienta

Marjorie Turnbull

Karen Walker

Sue Ann Williams

Katryana Knight Rudegeair

Kelly Layman

Kimberly Moore

Debbie Moroney

Martha Olive Hall

Samantha Otte

Kelly Patterson

Aubrey Posey

Stephan Przybylowicz

Brenda Rabalais

Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda

Jennifer Roberts

Stacey Rutledge

Carol Schee

Sarah Schuetz

Mia Shargel

Kim Wiley