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Girls for Change

Currently, we are not running this program, but hope to open it soon!


Girls For Change is a 10-13 week program, developed by The Oasis Center, to educate girls about social justice issues. Girls For Change brings together a diverse group of girls to facilitate connections, foster a commitment to social justice issues, and develop activism related skills to affect social change. Throughout the program, girls will learn how systems of oppression affect them, their peers, and people in their community. Together, girls will learn about topics and issues that are not typically discussed in a school setting, and they will learn the skills necessary to positively change the future.

We discuss topics such as sexism, racism, LGBTQ+ issues, disability rights, leadership, respectful debate and dialogue, body positivity, and ethics. Girls can choose to participate in the development of a social change, action-oriented project. The ideas for the projects will emerge from each individual and will be developed as a group. Past Girls For Change projects include speaking in front of the Superintendent and School Board, creating art projects that were displayed at The Oasis Center, expressing ideas about social justice in a “zine” and through dance, and making a PowerPoint presentation to share knowledge with other girls. We have facilitated Girls For Change at Leon High School, Godby High School, PACE Center For Girls, and right here at The Oasis Center. 


To learn more, contact our team or call 850-222-2747.