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During “I Heart Art!” week, the girls explored different kinds of arts, including dance, painting, music, and more! Campers spent time with local female artists, learned more about the artistic journey, and embraced their own strengths and creativity. The week culminated in an art gallery exhibition where community members purchased artwork by the girls. The proceeds of art purchases went to Making Light Productions, a non-profit organization with the mission of providing an inclusive theatre arts education for children of all abilities, as well as providing job opportunities for adults with disabilities.








Our girls started the week with a trip to the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts to view the current exhibits and learn more about fine arts.

The campers learned the basics of playing the violin during string lessons provided by Patrice Floyd of Javacya Arts.








Outdoor mindfullness time gave the campers a chance to relax outdoors while painting designs on wooden boards.








Cameron from Making Light Productions brought high energy and fun to our camp with a dance lesson. The girls had a great time learning basic dance skills and choreography, and also explored free movement.









The highlight of the week was our art gallery, where our girls put their creations on display and sold them to community members to support Making Light Productions. The girls were excited to exhibit their work and support a great cause!








We have so much fun together that it’s bittersweet to see a week end. These amazing girls are dreaming big and doing big, and we’re glad to be a part of it. For I Heart Art! Week and every day, we’re proud to shout: Girls can do ANYTHING!



Thank you to our sponsors Kia of Tallahassee and Hamilton Realty for making our camp possible!